CBJ Ballot Processing Center

CBJ – Regular Municipal Election, October 3, 2023

Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!

I would like to extend my gratitude to all the Juneau voters who participated in this year’s October 3, 2023 Regular Municipal Election. My thanks to the CBJ Assembly for investing in the CBJ Ballot Processing Center so we can conduct By-Mail elections entirely locally here in Juneau. My biggest debt of gratitude goes to our amazing Election Team who sacrificed their time, family events, evenings and weekends for months to ensure this election ran smoothly and that elections will continue to do so in the future. Here at CBJ, the Municipal Clerk/Election Team strives to put voter enfranchisement and the conduct of  impartial, fair, accurate, and transparent elections at the forefront of all our election work. Anyone interested in being an election worker is encouraged to contact our office to become part of this vital process.

Deputy Clerks Andi Hirsh and Diane Cathcart, Administrative Assistant Elizabeth Kell, Manager’s Office Executive Assistants Susan Phillips and Tricia Everson, and the following Election Workers:
City Hall Vote Center
Shelly Mangusso, LaRae Jones, Kay McCarthy, Janet McCallister, Dick Farnell, Shirley Campbell, Cecily Morris, and Emily Wright

Mendenhall Library Vote Center
Jack Chenoweth, Robert Laurie, Sallie Regan, Bob Wostmann, Cecily Morris, Janet McCallister, Sheryl Weinberg, and Sharon Gaiptman

Ballot Processing Center & Ballot Drop Box Teams
Laurie Sica, Jessica DeBartolo, Hali Denton, Jennifer Pemberton, Janet McCallister, Tonia Takei-Kramp, Lynne Stevens, Lynne Jackson, Sallie Regan, Charlene Miller, Etienne Soboleff, Laura Eubank, Jean Butler, Ira Rosen, Maggie Swanson, Bjørn Ford, Lacey Davis, Kathy Hamblett, and Jamison Paul

Canvass Review Board
Deborah Behr, Kelda Denton, Robert Laurie, Barbara Murray, Bruce Simonson, and Stuart Sliter

Beth McEwen, MMC
CBJ Municipal Clerk/Election Official