CBJ Mining Ordinance Subcommittee

The Assembly Mining Subcommittee was established on June 26, 2017, as a result of public comment concerning our current mining ordinance. The goal of this committee is to conduct an analysis to determine if there is duplication of state and federal laws in the city’s ordinance. The committee is comprised of Assembly Members, Planning Commissioners, and members of the public.

Mining Ordinance Drafts

Annotated Draft Mining Ordinance

This document contains annotations and additional language requested by the subcommittee at their February 8th meeting. The non-annotated draft mining ordinance may be viewed here.

Committee Requests for Possible Mining Code Revisions

A memorandum from Amy Gurton Mead, Municipal Attorney, to the Mining Committee

Current Mining Ordinance

This document contains excerpts from Juneau’s Code of Ordinances, Title 49

Upcoming and Past Meetings

Assembly Mining Subcommittee meetings are usually held on a Thursday at 5:30pm in City Hall Chambers. Tentative agendas, which are subject to change, are posted one week before the meetings. Final agenda packets, supplemental materials, and minutes may be reviewed in the links below.

Committee Formation Background

Jim Clark 

This document was brought to the Assembly in April of 2017 to discuss legislative overlap in the existing CBJ Mining Ordinance with State and Federal regulations, and proposes a revised mining ordinance. This was instrumental in the formation of the Subcommittee.

Jade North, LLC
Analysis of the CBJ Mining Ordinance

Bob Loeffler, with Jade North, was hired by the CBJ to conduct an analysis of CBJ’s mining ordinance.

The Center for Science in Public Participation
Overlap/Duplication Between the CBJ’s Mining Ordinance and
State and Federal Laws, Rules, and Regulations

The Southeast Alaska Conservation Council contracted with the Center for Science in Public Participation to conduct an analysis of CBJ’s mining ordinance.

Mining Subcommittee Members

Norton Gregory, Chair – Assembly Member

Maria Gladziszewski – Assembly Member

Beth Weldon – Assembly Member

Ben Haight – Planning Commissioner

Paul Voelckers – Planning Commissioner

John Kato – Member of the Public

Roman Motyka – Member of the Public

Zoning Maps

These maps show areas where mining and exploration surface activities are excluded in the borough, and the boundary for the urban/rural mining district.

Urban Rural Mining District Map

Echo Cove to Shrine

Shrine to Auke Bay

Auke Bay to Salmon Creek

Salmon Creek to Rock Dump

Rock Dump to Thane

Douglas Island

AJ Mine Advisory Committee

The AJ Mine Advisory Committee was established in 2011 for a period of four months and resulted in Resolution 2656, approving the amended agreements between the City and Borough of Juneau and the AJT Mining Properties, Inc., unitizing certain mining properties. For more information on past actions of this advisory committee, please visit the webpage here.