Avalanche Advisory Archive 2016 – 2018

Date Issued:2017-03-17 07:05:00
Primary Trend:3
Primary Probability:3
Primary Likelihood:3
Primary Size:2
Primary Description:

Winds are strong enough to build slabs over the last few days with both Mt Roberts and Eaglecrest getting winds from 20-30 at times.

This morning winds are stronger along the channel and coming out of the north... yet we have seen loading on both South and West faces during the winds of the last few days.

Be aware these slabs remain quite soft and are very deep in places now... these will be big fast slides.

Be safe out there and use terrain to mitifate consequence. Pick slopes you can manage should something break loose.

Secondary Trend:1
Secondary Probability:2
Secondary Likelihood:2
Secondary Size:2
Secondary Description:

This storm has delivered 52cm of light dry snow. All steep convex slopes are suspect. Slopes on rock or with few or no anchors are more questionable.

Stability is increasing and yet this is just a lot of loose snow out there. Danger will linger for some time. Choose your terrain wisely.


The National Weather Service Forecasts-

Today- Numerous snow showers. Snow accumulation to 1 inch. highs around 35. East wind 10 mph. Near downtown juneau and douglas, northeast wind 10 to 20 mph with gusts to around 40 mph in the morning.

Tonight- Cloudy. Isolated snow showers. Lows 22 to 28. Northeast wind 10 mph.

Saturday- Mostly cloudy. Isolated snow showers. Highs 30 to 36. Northeast wind 10 mph in the morning becoming light and variable.

We received a bit more snow than the forecast called for yesterday. Eaglecrest picked up 10cm (4\") from 9cm of water. This storm total for 5 days now is 52cm from 72mm of precip so after 5 days including settlement we are still only at a 13.8% snowfall. Some pretty light snow.

This morning Mt Roberts is showing 27f at the summit while Eaglecrest is 27f at the base. 23f mid mountain and 21f on top.

Winds are out of the North this morning with the tram blowing 20-25 and Eaglecrest a little less at 12-16. Winds have been consistently 15-25 for the last 18 hours.

This combination of thigh to waist deep powder and winds will keep avalanche danger at CONSIDERABLE today. Natural avalanches are possible, especially in wind loaded areas and human triggered avalanches remain likely... especially in windloaded areas on steep unsupported slopes.

It wont take much in the way of snow falling off trees or rocks to get things moving... Same for windloading... this active windloading is more than enough to kick off slides. Be aware there is just a lot of unconsolidated powder out there and danger levels will take a little time to fall.

Use good routefinding and avoid heavily windloaded slopes primarily.

Be safe out there and have an amazing day.


Here is a link to an article on HOW TO BE A GREAT BACKCOUNTRY PARTNER.


Forecaster:Tom Mattice