Avalanche Advisory Archive 2016 – 2018

Date Issued:2017-02-04 06:44:35
Primary Trend:3
Primary Probability:3
Primary Likelihood:3
Primary Size:1
Primary Description:

With a week of winds during strong precip events that left shallow weak layers near summit... followed by a little dry cold snow that is easily transported, then a shift in the winds for another session of windloading.

We currently have multiple weak wind layers in place. Mostly shallow at upper elevations near summit and ridgeline. Be aware that at mid elevations you may see new slabs being built on ice from last week. But there is not a tremendous amount of snow available for transport... so for the most part danger will be hit and miss and not widespread.

Yet be aware danger exists today... use terrain selection wisely as you play. to avoid these few weak areas.

Secondary Trend:3
Secondary Probability:3
Secondary Likelihood:3
Secondary Size:1
Secondary Description:

More of the same... mostly windslabs out there right now. Isolated weakness in windloaded areas.


The National Weather Service Forecasts-

Today- Clear. Locally windy. Highs around 37. Northeast wind 15 to 25 mph. Gusts to 40 mph in the morning near downtown juneau and douglas.

Tonight- Mostly clear. Colder. Lows 16 to 22. North wind 15 to 25 mph.

Sunday- Sunny. Highs around 35. Northeast wind 15 to 25 mph.

Last week was quite wet around the region with very warm temperatures. We had rain and above freezing temperatures to near summit at times. The lower elevation snowpack became quite moisture saturated. The uppermost elevations saw some new snow with very high moisture densities. This new snow came in during a period of VERY HIGH winds. This left weak windslabs in places around our region at upper elevations.

We have not received any precipitation since Sunday morning at 4am. This has given the snowpack time to settle and bond well. The temperatures cooled off a great deal around the region as well... Locking this slurpee back into a block of ice.

Temperatures remain cold this morning but are up a bit from yesterday. Mt Roberts is showing 27f and Eaglecrest is 25f at the bottom and 25f on top. Winds were strong yesterday around the region out of the north. This morning winds have slowed a bit but the forecast is still more than enough for continued windloading. Eaglecrest is showing 5-8mph winds currently and the tram is slightly more blowing 10-15mph. The forecast calls for continued strong wings today into tomorrow. Perfect for more windloading.

The forecast calls for no precipitation and continued windloading during a little cooling period over the next 24 hours.

With previous windslabs in place and continued windloading today avalanche danger remains MODERATE> Both natural and human triggered avalanches are not highly likely... but remain quite possible.

Be aware as well this dust on crust, or shallow snowpack on top of a very hard slab could create slide for life conditions if you are swept in the wrong place. Be careful to your exposure in the terrain.


Greetings- There is a FREE training event today up the Dan Moeller Basin. This will be about terrain management and decision making as well as Avalanche Companion Rescue. Meet at the gathering tree at 930am or swing by anytime on your ride to quickly test your skills. We will be there from 9:30-3pm. Hope to see you swing by.

Forecaster:Tom Mattice