Avalanche Advisory Archive 2016 – 2018

Date Issued:2017-01-31 06:34:52
Primary Trend:1
Primary Probability:3
Primary Likelihood:1
Primary Size:1
Primary Description:

With several days of strong winds and precip we built shallow windslabs at uppermost elevations.

These have had time to settle and bond a bit but weakness may remain in isolated areas for longer periods of time.

Be aware that convex slopes in windloaded areas may be suspect. Unsupported convex slopes can be an even greater concern. Be careful of your position in the terrain.

Secondary Trend:1
Secondary Probability:9
Secondary Likelihood:1
Secondary Size:1
Secondary Description:

The avalanche conditions are stable for the most part.

Glide avalanches always remain a concern if you have glide cracks in your region.

Best to always aviod slopes with glide cracks visible.


The National Weather Service Forecasts-

Today- Clear early in the morning then becoming partly cloudy. highs around 31. Light winds.

Tonight- Partly cloudy. Lows 17 to 23. Light winds.

Wednesday- Partly cloudy. Highs around 32. North wind 10 mph.

We had a great deal of rain and above freezing temperatures last week around the region. Now that the temperatures have cooled again the snowpack is quite stable for the most part. The primary exception to this is at uppermost elevations.

We had quite a bit of wind through last weeks storms. We received just a little new snow from several storm days in a row then capped it off with 4\" on Sunday. This combination of wind and snow storm events left us with a few weak windslabs at upper elevations in windloaded areas. Be aware these windslabs may remain weak in isolated areas.

Temperatures cooled again yesterday around the region by another 3c or so. This morning the tram is reporting 22f. Eaglecrest is a little cooler at 20f at mid mountain.

Winds remain quite calm around the region. Yesterday winds were calm and the forecast calls for the same.

With no new snow in the forecast, no winds, cold temperatures, and strong snow for the most part... Avalanche Danger is LOW today.

De aware of those small windslabs and don't expose yourself to the terrain in those areas.


Here is an interesting link to the New Zealand Avalanche Centers Training Site.


as it pertains to todays forecast I have linked it to the terrain section discussion on Convex and Unsupported slopes.

Forecaster:Tom Mattice