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Analysis and Evaluation of Alternative Development Concepts for Gold Creek Development Plan1982-11-08Non-CBJ Organization
Gold Creek Port Development Study1981-02-01Non-CBJ Organization
Applicant Proposal: Kensington Gold Project1990-09-01Non-CBJ Organization
Statement of Qualifications: Juneau Aquarium Study1983-10-21Non-CBJ Organization
Gastineau Avenue Reconstruction: CBJ Contract No. E00-1662000-01-01Non-CBJ Organization
2011/2012 Proposed Changes in the Regulations for Pacific Cod2011-08-01Non-CBJ Organization
Proposal for the Development of Visitor Attractions and Activities at Last Chance Basin - Juneau, Alaska1977-10-01Non-CBJ Organization
Prince of Wales Island Area Plan1998-10-01Non-CBJ Organization
Statewide Transportation Improvement Program 2004-20062003-08-01Non-CBJ Organization
Statewide Transportation Improvement Program 2004-2006: Amendment 82005-01-01Non-CBJ Organization
Bureau of Vital Statistics: 1999 Annual Report1999-01-01Non-CBJ Organization
Alaska Population Overview: 2003-2004 Estimates2006-10-01Non-CBJ Organization
1992 Alaska Village Clinic Survey1992-01-01Non-CBJ Organization
Subsistence Resource Harvest Patterns: Nuiqsut1990-07-24Non-CBJ Organization
Helicopter Access to Conduct Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) in Wilderness: Final Environmental Impact Statement2007-08-01Non-CBJ Organization
U. S. D. A. Forest Service Environmental Statement: Fish Creek Winter Sports Site1972-08-30Non-CBJ Organization
The Mayors Scoping Committee Report1989-06-01Non-CBJ Organization
Alaska Juneau Mine Project Description1989-02-01Non-CBJ Organization
Final Scoping Document: A-J Mine Project EIS1989-01-01Non-CBJ Organization
EBE/AJ Mine EIS: Hydrology, Water, Snow, Etc. Additional Baseline Data, Supplemental Information and Technical Memos1990-01-01Non-CBJ Organization
Meteorological Data for NOAA Stations Juneau No. 2 and Juneau (at airport)2017-04-11Non-CBJ Organization
Letter Response to Misc Questions On/For Data1989-06-01Non-CBJ Organization
Avalanche Risk Analysis and Mitigation Recommendations for the Proposed Alaska-Juneau Project1989-02-01Non-CBJ Organization
Baseline and Background Studies for the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on Echo Bay Explorations Application in Regard to Reopening the AJ Mine: Index1989-01-01Non-CBJ Organization
Technical Memorandum: Population Projections for the Alaska Juneau Gold Mine1990-11-10Non-CBJ Organization
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