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Avalanche Risk Analysis and Mitigation Recommendations for the Proposed Alaska-Juneau Project1989-02-01Non-CBJ Organization
Baseline and Background Studies for the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on Echo Bay Explorations Application in Regard to Reopening the AJ Mine: Index1989-01-01Non-CBJ Organization
Technical Memorandum: Population Projections for the Alaska Juneau Gold Mine1990-11-10Non-CBJ Organization
Marine Biological Reconnaissance: AJ Gold Mine Project1990-03-27Non-CBJ Organization
A Case History of Cyanide Tailings Detoxification and Migratory Bird Mortality at Echo Bays McCoy/Cove Operations1990-01-01Non-CBJ Organization
Project 65305: AJ Mine Surface Response to Underground Mining1990-05-01Non-CBJ Organization
Winter Wildlife Survey: AJ Gold Mine Project for Echo Bay Exploration Company1990-04-02Non-CBJ Organization
Lower Sheep Creek Anadromous Fish Spawning Habitat and Pre-Emergent Salmon Fry Studies: Winter, 19901990-06-01Non-CBJ Organization
Sheep Creek Bioassay Preliminary Data Report1990-05-01Non-CBJ Organization
Report 65305: AJ Mine Blasting Vibrations from Undergroudn Operations1990-05-01Non-CBJ Organization
Re: Avalanche Hazard Affecting the Proposed Thane Surface Facility Site1990-06-28Non-CBJ Organization
Echo Bay Mines Alaska Juneau Project: Engine and Fuel Alternatives1990-05-01Non-CBJ Organization
Echo Bay Avalanche Safety Plan: A-J Sheep Creek Operation1990-02-01Non-CBJ Organization
RE: Sheep Creek RCC Tailings Dam1990-05-15Non-CBJ Organization
Project 65304B: Estimation of Seepage from the Sheep Creek Tailings Impoundment1989-12-01Non-CBJ Organization
Supplemental Investigation: A-J Mine Marine Outfall1992-08-02Non-CBJ Organization
Supplemental Investigation: A-J Mine Marine Outfall1992-08-08Non-CBJ Organization
Baseline Risk Assessment AJ Mine Juneau, Alaska1999-11-18Non-CBJ Organization
A-J Wetlands Mitigation Analysis1992-12-22Non-CBJ Organization
Alaska-Juneau Mine EPA and FBI Criminal Investigation Reports1998-05-05Non-CBJ Organization
Environmental Safety Program, Program Statement1984-11-26Non-CBJ Organization
Making Juneau a More Efficient State Capital: An Examination of the Functions of a State Governmental Center in the Decade of the 80s1983-01-15Non-CBJ Organization
AJ Mine Project: Preliminary Final Environmental Impact Statement Vol. 1 and 21992-05-01Non-CBJ Organization
AJ Mine Project Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement: Scoping Responsiveness Summary1996-08-01Non-CBJ Organization
Alaska-Juneau Mine Project Description1990-05-01Non-CBJ Organization
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