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Adair/Kennedy Memorial Park Dedication Pamphlet1982-09-18Parks & Recreation
Adopting Regulations of the Parks and Recreation Department1987-12-29Parks & Recreation
CBJ Parks and Recreation Department Annual Report - January 19901990-01-01Parks & Recreation
Ordinance 2022-64(b)(am)2023-02-27Parks & Recreation
Beach Parks for Juneau: A Proposal1975-03-01Parks & Recreation
Ordinance 2018-11(AO)2019-07-22Parks & Recreation
Totem Creek Golf Course2000-01-01Planning Commission
Statement of the Juneau Planning Commission on the Development of the Capitol Site in Juneau1959-10-20Planning Commission
Goals for Juneau: Analysis1975-03-01Planning Commission
The Downtown Plan: A Component of the Comprehensive Plan, 19761976-01-01Planning Commission
The Downtown Plan: A Component of the Comprehensive Plan, 19791979-01-01Planning Commission
Municipal Facility Preliminary Needs Assessment and Planning Tool - 6/841987-06-01Planning Commission
Comprehensive Plan of the City and Borough of Juneau: July 2008 Draft for Planning Commission2008-07-01Planning Commission
The North Douglas Island Comprehensive Plan1975-11-25Planning Commission
Last Chance Basin Land Management Plan1978-08-01Planning Commission
Comprehensive Plan Update Meeting1988-11-01Planning Commission
Goals: A Final Report of the Mendenhall Valley Citizens Planning Council1973-01-09Planning Commission
Planning Commission Recommended Amendments to Comprehensive Plan2001-07-03Planning Commission
Mendenhall Valley Urban Forestry/Open Space Study1979-01-01Planning Commission
Map of the City and Borough of Juneau, Alaska: Capital of Alaska1976-07-01Planning Commission
Draft Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance1968-04-01Planning Commission
Ordinance Serial No. 84-06: An Ordinance Adopting a Comprehensive Plan for the CBJ1984-02-02Planning Commission
Ordinance Serial No. 84-72: An Ordinance Authorizing the CBJ to Issue General Obligation Bonds1984-08-15Planning Commission
Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance: Public Review Draft1985-04-30Planning Commission
Planning Commission Record of Proposed Revised Mining Ordinance2003-04-22Planning Commission
 Title Date Department