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Nov. 10 Dog Taskforce Meeting NotesParks & Recreation
Dog Task Force Notes 12-1-03Parks & Recreation
Dog Task Force Agenda 12-15-03Parks & Recreation
Dog Task Force Notes 12-15-03Parks & Recreation
Wildlife Subcommittee 3-1-04 DRAFTParks & Recreation
Juneau Golf Course Feasibility Study Site Selection, Cost Analysis and Master Plan Design1981-12-01Parks & Recreation
Trails Subcommittee Report 3-1-04 DRAFTParks & Recreation
Dog Task Force Notes 2-2-04Parks & Recreation
Dog Task Force Notes 1-12-04Parks & Recreation
Dog Task Force Agenda 3-1-04Parks & Recreation
Wildlife Subcommittee Report (2-9-04)Parks & Recreation
Trails Subcommittee Report (2-2-04)Parks & Recreation
Final Draft Recommendations (June 24, 2004)Parks & Recreation
Public comments received 9/9 - 9/24/04Parks & Recreation
Final Recommendations (October 14, 2004)Parks & Recreation
Juneau Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan1996-07-16Parks & Recreation
Bicycle Plan - City and Borough of Juneau 19781978-02-01Parks & Recreation
A Second Chance for the Last Chance Mining Museum1981-04-01Parks & Recreation
Juneau Trail Plan - Preliminary1976-12-01Parks & Recreation
Comprehensive Park and Recreation System Plan for the CBJ1977-02-01Parks & Recreation
Twin Lakes Recreation Area Master Plan1978-08-01Parks & Recreation
Adair/Kennedy Memorial Park Dedication Pamphlet1982-09-18Parks & Recreation
Adopting Regulations of the Parks and Recreation Department1987-12-29Parks & Recreation
CBJ Parks and Recreation Department Annual Report - January 19901990-01-01Parks & Recreation
Beach Parks for Juneau: A Proposal1975-03-01Parks & Recreation
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