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Augustus Brown Swimming Pool Program Analysis and Recommendations1988-04-01Non-CBJ Organization
Community Profile of Juneau, AK: Including Selected Social and Demographic Statistics1992-01-01Non-CBJ Organization
Southeast Alaska Transportation Plan2009-01-01Non-CBJ Organization
Dedication Ceremony: Brotherhood Bridge at the Mendenhall River1965-10-18Non-CBJ Organization
The Juneau Indian Village: Alternatives for an Improvement Program1970-03-09Non-CBJ Organization
2008 Tourist Best Management Practices2008-01-01Non-CBJ Organization
Juneaus Model Cities Program: Objectives and Strategies1969-12-01Non-CBJ Organization
Model Cities Program: Mid-Term Planning Statement1970-01-16Non-CBJ Organization
Juneaus Model Cities Program: Draft of Problem Analysis1969-10-24Non-CBJ Organization
Juneaus Model Cities Program: Description of Planning Process1969-09-26Non-CBJ Organization
Planning Grant Application for a Comprehensive City Demonstration Program: Revisions, May 15, 19691969-05-15Non-CBJ Organization
Planning Grant Application: Demonstration Cities Program1968-04-15Non-CBJ Organization
A Capital City Model: Juneau Alaska Model Cities Program, City Demonstration Plan1970-05-01Non-CBJ Organization
Model Cities Program 1971: 2nd Year City Demonstration Plan1971-01-01Non-CBJ Organization
Juneau Model Cities Transit Study1971-07-01Non-CBJ Organization
CBJ Education Task Force Minutes 19721972-01-01Non-CBJ Organization
Report of a Planning Project for Juneau, Alaska1959-09-01Non-CBJ Organization
The Alaska Aquarium: Final Concept Report1984-05-01Non-CBJ Organization
The Capital City Vision Project: Juneaus 20/20 Vision for Downtown1998-01-01Non-CBJ Organization
Alaska State Capitol Complex: Programming and Feasibility Study, Phase 31969-10-01Non-CBJ Organization
The Redevelopment Plan for Harborview Urban Renewal Area1971-01-01Non-CBJ Organization
A New Development Plan for the Harborview Project1972-05-01Non-CBJ Organization
Alaskas Capitol City Atlas: Street Directory, Business Directory, and More!1986-01-01Non-CBJ Organization
Use - Feasibility Study - N.C. Site: Lots 1 and 2 of Block 51, Alaska Tidelands Survey No. 31977-04-15Non-CBJ Organization
Land Utilization and Marketability Study: Glacier General Neighborhood Renewal Plan1964-12-14Non-CBJ Organization
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