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Resolution 30062022-11-21Fire & Rescue (CCFR)
Resolution 30072022-11-21Assembly
Resolution 30082022-11-21Assembly
Resolutions 21732002-09-23Assembly
Resotution Serial No. 28732019-11-04Assembly
Resource Guide to Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Alaska1991-01-01Non-CBJ Organization
Resources for People Living with HIV/AIDS in Southeast ALaska1995-01-01Non-CBJ Organization
Resources of Alaska: A Regional Summary1974-07-01Non-CBJ Organization
Restricted Area Study Guide2021-06-16Airport
Restricted Area Test2021-06-16Docks & Harbors
Restricted Area Test Answer Sheet2021-06-16Airport
Restricted Area Test Questions2021-06-16Airport
Results of the Tourism Community Workshop held at Centennial Hall 19951995-05-11Assembly
Revenue and Budget Projections and Analysis FY88-FY911987-01-01Administration
Review of Discharge Water Quality for Proposed Sheep Creek Tailings Basin AJ Mine, Juneau, Alaska1993-04-16Non-CBJ Organization
Review of Discharge Water Quality for Proposed Sheep Creek Tailings Basin AJ MIne,, Juneau Alaska Echobay Mines1993-04-16Non-CBJ Organization
Review of Dry Tailings Disposal1996-07-01Non-CBJ Organization
Revised Comprehensive Conservation Plan for the Kanuti National Wildlife Refuge: Summary2008-09-01Non-CBJ Organization
Revised Preliminary Findings Report Land Use, Environmental, Population and Employment1998-09-01Community Development
Right-of-Way Encroachment Permit ApplicationCommunity Development
Right-of-Way Permit ApplicationCommunity Development
Rigid InsulationEngineering & Public Works
RiprapEngineering & Public Works
Risk Assessment Work Plan AJ Mine Juneau, Alaska1999-05-27Lands and Resources
Riverside Drive Corridor Transportation Study and Plan: Executive Summary and Technical Appendices2001-08-01Non-CBJ Organization
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