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Street Vacation ApplicationCommunity Development
Structural ConcreteEngineering & Public Works
Structural Insulated Panel RoofsCommunity Development
Structural Plan (Example Cross Section)2019-03-14Community Development
Student Assessment Program1994-11-01School District
Student Assessment Program: A Report to the Board1992-10-01School District
Study Area Map Juneau, Alaska2003-09-01Non-CBJ Organization
Subdivision ApplicationCommunity Development
Subdivision Checklist for Preliminary PlatCommunity Development
Subdivision Property Tax Abatement ApplicationFinance
Subdivision Regulations: Juneau-Douglas Platting Board1960-07-01Planning Commission
Subport Project: Task I Inventory Report2000-04-01Non-CBJ Organization
Subport Vicinity Redevelopment Options Juneau Alaska: General Inventory Report - Task 12000-04-01Non-CBJ Organization
Subport Vicinity Revitalization Plan, 20032003-04-01Assembly
Subsistence Resource Harvest Patterns: Nuiqsut1990-07-24Non-CBJ Organization
Subtenant ApplicationAirport
Subtraction MetersCommunity Development
Summarized update to 2009 ManualEngineering & Public Works
Summary and Rationale of Recommendations and Proposed Legislative Program for Development Entity, Governance and Financing Concepts for the New Capital City of Alaska1978-02-15Non-CBJ Organization
Summary of Bulk Samples Collected at the AJ Mine1990-10-19Non-CBJ Organization
Summary of Kensington Project; Description of Changes1996-06-28Non-CBJ Organization
Summary of the Comprehensive Plan: Douglas, Alaska1958-12-01Non-CBJ Organization
Summary Report: Plans, Costs and Impacts Relating to Relocation of the State Capitol1982-08-01Non-CBJ Organization
Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement: Phase 1. Resource Characterization, Data Collection and Modeling1995-12-01Non-CBJ Organization
Supplemental Investigation: A-J Mine Marine Outfall1992-08-02Non-CBJ Organization
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