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Natural Resource Inventory: Sand, Sand and Gravel, and Quarry Rock; City Borough of Juneau, Alaska1978-01-01
The Juneau and Southeast Alaska Economic Indicators 20102010-09-01
Statter Harbor Improvements Project: Draft Environmental Assessment2010-04-01
Alaska Supreme Court Ruling Overturning CBJ Planning Commission Permitting of Echo Bay AJ Mine Project1996-09-06
AJ Mine Historical Information2011-02-10
AJ Mine Review1993-04-01
Community Tourism Assessment Handbook2017-04-11Administration
Juneau Tourism Community Opinion Survey Series2017-04-11Administration
Juneau Tourism Community Opinion Survey Series2017-04-11Administration
CBJ Biennial Budget: Year 1 of the FY09/10 Biennial Budget2017-04-11Administration
CBJ and Juneau Tour Operators Best Management Practices 20012001-01-01Administration
Juneau Flightseeing Operators Flight Routes, Maps and Distinguishing Characteristics2017-04-11Administration
ADA Transition Plan for Removal of Barriers1998-05-04Administration
City of Juneau Annual Report 19661966-01-01Administration
Biennial Budget: FY10 Revised Budget: year 2 of the FY09 and FY10 Biennial Budget2009-03-25Administration
City and Borough of Juneau 1989 Budget Survey1989-01-01Administration
Petition for the Annexation fo Certain Onshore and Offshore Areas in Stephens Passage and Admiralty Island1989-05-31Administration
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program2017-04-11Administration
Our City: Vol. 1 Summer 19971997-01-01Administration
Our City: Vol. 2 Fall 19971997-01-01Administration
CBJ Biennial Budget: Adopted FY97, Adopted FY981997-01-01Administration
Our City: Vol. 3 Spring 19981998-01-01Administration
CBJ Budget in Brief: Adopted Budget FY961996-01-01Administration
Our City: Vol. 5 Autumn 19981998-01-01Administration
CBJ Biennial Budget in Brief: Adopted FY99, Approved FY001999-01-01Administration
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