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Planning Commission meets September 11. Here’s how to weigh in.

September 3, 2018 – Notices for Public Comment

The City and Borough of Juneau Planning Commission meets on September 11, 7 p.m. in City Hall Assembly Chambers to review a proposed text amendment to Title 49, Land Use Code; and to get a status update on the CBJ Parks & Recreation Master Plan. The proposed amendment to Title 49 is up for a public hearing.

Bonding Requirements for Unconstructed Stub Streets (AME2018 0015): The Planning Commission’s Title 49 Committee has reviewed the current requirement to bond for stub streets that are not necessary for the purpose of providing access to lots within a subdivision and is recommending that the Planning Commission recommend a removal of this requirement or giving the CDD Director discretion to waive the requirement. Click here to read the current language in 49.35.240 – Improvement Standards.

CBJ Parks & Recreation Master Plan: CBJ has been working on a Parks & Recreation Master plan for almost two years now, and Project Manager Alexandra Pierce will give an update to the Planning Commission about the status of this effort. Click here to read a recent press release about the plan and find links for more information.

The public is invited to submit written comments to pc_comments@juneau.org by 12 noon, September 7, or testify in person at the meeting.  For more information related to these agenda items click here.