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Planning Commission meets November 12. Here’s how to weigh in.

November 12, 2019 – Notices for Public Comment

The City and Borough of Juneau Planning Commission meets on November 12 at 7 p.m. in City Hall Assembly Chambers to review a proposal for a Phased Major Subdivision,  Auke Bay Ferry Terminal site improvements, and a text amendment to adopt the Historic & Cultural Preservation Plan. These items are up for public hearing. The public is encouraged to testify in person at the meeting. For more information related to these agenda items click here.

A Phased Major Subdivision creating 14 lots and 1 large tract for future development (15 total parcels) (SMP2019 0004)

The applicant requests preliminary plat approval for Phase 1 of the Chilkat Vistas Subdivision (formerly known as the Richland Manor 2 Subdivision). Phase 1 includes the extension of Hillcrest Avenue and the installation of public water and sewer. For Phase 1, the applicant proposes a mix of bungalow lots, panhandle lots, and standard D15 lots. Future phases may include a mix of single-family and multi-family development.

A State Consistency Review for the Auke Bay Ferry Terminal site improvements (CSP2019 0010)

The State of Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities requests a permit for maintenance projects at the Auke Bay Ferry Terminal, including replacing an existing fuel storage tank and an existing on-site wastewater treatment facility. The Alaska Marine Highway System is replacing underground fuel tanks with aboveground tanks at eight of their ferry terminal locations, including Juneau. Aboveground tanks are preferred for storage of fuel, because they are less costly to install and easier to visually check for leaks.

The current wastewater treatment system will be decommissioned and replaced with a 38-gallon-minimum, two-compartment clarifier prior to new effluent filter systems. Then, a new secondary treatment plant, capable of 1,000 gallons per day, will be installed. Effluent will be disposed of into a 900-square-foot solid absorption system.

A text amendment to adopt Juneau’s Historic & Cultural Preservation Plan (AME2019 0012)

The Historic and Cultural Preservation Plan is meant to guide efforts to preserve and protect the valuable historic and cultural resources in the community. The Plan establishes goals and action items that the community has determined to be important. The Plan is intended to guide CBJ’s preservation activities for the next 20 years, with progress reviews taking place every two years, and an update of the Plan taking place after 10 years.