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Planning Commission meets January 14. Here’s how to weigh in.

January 9, 2020 – Notices for Public Comment

The City & Borough of Juneau Planning Commission will hold a Committee of the Whole Meeting prior to the regularly scheduled Planning Commission Meeting on January 14 at 5:30 p.m. in City Hall Assembly Chambers. The Committee of the Whole meeting will consist of training for the Planning Commissioners.

The Planning Commission Meeting will follow the Committee of the Whole Meeting on January 14 at 7 p.m. in City Hall Assembly Chambers to review an Alternative Development Permit and an amendment to a Planned Unit Development Plan. These items are up for public hearing.

The public is encouraged to submit written comments to pc_comments@juneau.org by 12 noon, January 10, or testify in person at the meeting. For more information related to this agenda item click here.

An Alternative Development Permit for reduced side yard setback to accommodate a gas fireplace (ADP2019 0001)

The applicant requests a reduction of the west side yard setback from 10 feet to 4 feet. The applicant would like to install a gas fireplace in their living room and the ventilation system requires a chase (cover) that will extend approximately 27 inches from the house. The existing structure setback is 7 feet 2 inches from the side lot line, and the chase will be 4 feet 11 inches from the side lot line.

An amendment to an approved Planned Unit Development (PUD) Plan (PDP2019 0001 & PDF2019 0002)

In 2015, the Planning Commission approved the final plan for a 12-unit PUD that included 12 single-family detached dwellings on common property managed by a homeowners association, access by a common driveway, and public utilities. In 2018, the applicant requested an amendment to the 2015 approved PUD Plan to allow the creation of 12 individual parcels for the single-family dwellings, and one parent parcel for the common areas. Concurrently, the applicant applied for a major subdivision to accomplish the approved PUD Plan. The Planning Commission approved both the amendment to the Plan and the major subdivision in 2018. The applicant now requests that the 2018 amendment be withdrawn, as they no longer wish to subdivide; all land will be held in limited common ownership or common ownership.