More than five hours and 39 motions later, the Assembly Finance Committee finished its work for this budget season during its May 9 meeting. That means the budget is now in the hands of the Assembly.

Of the 30 items on its pending list, the committee approved 19 of them, totaling $1.6 million above the Manager’s proposed FY19 budget, and an additional $700,000 to the FY20 budget. These amounts will be funded from savings:

  • JEDC request for base support: $25,000 in FY19 and $25,000 in FY20
  • JEDC request for extra program support: $75,000 in FY19
  • Teacher Excellence Fund: a decrease of $100,000 in FY20
  • Juneau Commission on Aging: $10,000 in FY19
  • Kinder Ready: $140,000 in FY19 and $140,000 in FY20
  • DBA funding: $75,000 in FY19 and $75,000 in FY20
  • Airport curb drop off education: $10,000 in FY19
  • Two additional Police Officers: $200,000 in FY19 and $200,000 in FY20
  • Increase police recruitment budget: $35,000 in FY19 and $35,000 in FY20
  • Two Civilian Investigators: $180,000 in FY19 and $180,000 in FY20
  • Net funding for CSO Officer: $48,000 in FY19 and $48,000 in FY20
  • Emergency Cold Weather Shelter: $75,000 in FY19 and $75,000 in FY20
  • Mental health study/Substance Abuse Treatment study: $45,000 in FY19
  • Work incentives: $9,000 in FY19
  • Eaglecrest support request: $25,000 in FY19 and $25,000 in FY20
  • Maintaining JSD facility grounds: $15,000 in FY19
  • North Douglas Crossing CIP: $250,000 in FY19
  • Business case/High level cost estimate for New City Hall CIP: $150,000 in FY19
  • Eaglecrest snowmaking equipment CIP: $250,000 in FY19

For brief descriptions of these items, please refer to the Pending Items List in the May 9 Assembly Finance agenda packet.

So far, CBJ is looking at drawing almost $2 million from savings for FY19 and $1.7 million for FY20. And there are still budget items pending related to emergency services that will increase both the FY19 and FY20 budgets and draw on savings.

The committee passed the Juneau School District Budget, which includes more than $1.3 million of outside the CAP funding. The school budget will be up for action at the May 14 Regular Assembly Meeting. The committee moved ordinances on the mill rate and the CBJ operating budget, and a resolution on the Capital Improvement Program as amended out of committee. These items are scheduled to be before the Assembly during a meeting June 4.

There is no Assembly Finance Committee meeting scheduled for May 16. Hurrah!