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Urban Avalanche Advisory

Current Advisory as of Thursday, December 4, 2014

Expires 7:00am on Sunday, April 19, 2015
Issued by Tom Mattice


Today's Discussion

The Danger for Avalanches in the Urban Enviroment is very low. We still do not have enough snow mass on the mountains to effect the urban enviroment.

Please remember this is a Urban Avalanche Advisory and does not apply to the backcountry or the areas outside of the CBJ urban enviroment.

Yesterday I heard reports of remote triggered avalanches occuring on Douglas Island so please be aware danger still exists in places in the backcountry.

The forecast will be back up online soon as conditions change and build.

Please ALWAYS use extreme caution in the mountains. Remember a advisory never takes the place of the decision making process.

You need to learn to make snow stability assessments on your own.

No forecast will ever be accurate for the entire region or snowpack. We simply point out areas of noted instability.

Remember in snow science our tools do not teach us to identify safety. They teach us to recognize danger. No avalanche area is ever COMPLETELY safe.

Please look back over the next week or two to see the forecast back online. We will have an updated winter training calendar posted then as well and hope to see you increasing your mountain savvy this season!

Today's Avalanche Tip

5 red flags of building danger to keep in mind.

This Advisory applies to the Mt. Juneau Avalanche Zones

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