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SayƩik Gastineau Elementary School Roof Replacement

Bid Due Date: 2021-03-18 white pixel, space holder

Pre-Bid Meeting: 2021-02-25

Type of Solicitation: Bid
Bid/RFP Number: BE21-189
Date Advertised: 2021-02-18
Construction Estimate: Approximately $1,250,000 for the base bid, $80,000 for Additive Alternate No. 1, and $30,000 for Additive Alternate No. 2
Plan Holders List: Current List
Cost of Bid Documents: Download Only
Project Description:

This Project consists of demolition of the existing roof assembly down to wood decking and replacement with EPDM roofing assembly including tapered insulation to new roof drain inserts, overflow drains, parapets and other Work indicated in the Contract Documents.


Low Bidder: Earhart Roofing Company, Inc.

Bid Opening/Proposal Date: 2021-03-18
Bid Amount: $861,750
Bid/RFP Result Summary: View Document
Award Date: 2021-04-13
Award Amount: $861,750
Notice of Award:  View Document