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Juneau Douglas Wastewater Treatment Plant Ash Pond Closure, Phase I

Proposal Due Date: blank 9/26/2012

Type of Solicitation: RFQ
Bid/RFP Number: E13-115
Date Advertised: 
Construction Estimate: $25,000
Plan Holders List: Current List
Cost of Bid Documents: -----
Project Description:

The City & Borough of Juneau is requesting quotes from qualified bidders to transport, blend, and place stockpiled ash and sand/gravel materials into the ash pond area at the Juneau Douglas Wastewater Treatement Plant.


Low Bidder: Stephens Passage Development LLC

Bid Opening/Proposal Date: 9/26/2012
Bid Amount: $15,999
Bid/RFP Result Summary: View Document
Award Date: 10/1/2012
Award Amount: $15,999
Notice of Award:  View Document
Bid/RFP Documents:
  • RFQ E13-115
  • Addenda and Additional Information:
  • Addendum 1
  • Addendum 2