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Lemon Creek Area Plan

This plan was adopted by the CBJ Assembly on January 8, 2018.

If you have questions, please contact the Community Development Department,
at 586-0715 or send an email to: LemonCreek.Plan@juneau.org.

Developing the Lemon Creek Plan

The Lemon Creek Area Plan is a blueprint for the desired development of this strategic mixed use area. With a population of over 3,500 people, located between downtown Juneau and the Valley, Lemon Creek has been identified through the public planning process as Juneau’s “mid-town,” with a desirable mix of housing choices, beautiful natural setting, and business opportunity.

This plan is an important milestone in the Borough’s strategy for influencing change and forming a basis for defining the vision and projects for the Lemon Creek area. It is a consensus-based plan, built through Steering Committee guidance, and relying on input from residents, local businesses, property owners, non-profit groups, and other interested parties.

On April 12, 2016 the CBJ Planning Commission appointed a Lemon Creek Steering Committee comprised of 11 members. (Names of members can be found in the Plan.) The Steering Committee members represented the various interests found in Lemon Creek — residential, industrial, commercial, and natural resources.

The primary responsibility of the Steering Committee was to serve as the voice of the public and the conscience of the Plan and, when necessary, make recommendations on zoning changes, design standards, and other items pertinent to the planning initiative.

Below can be found documents, presentations and minutes from the various meetings and events that took place as the plan was in development.

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