Main Street

Current Projects

The City and Borough of Juneau Public Works Streets & Fleet Maintenance Division has scheduled cleanup operations to remove debris from the Gold Creek settling basin in Cope Park.

Operations are scheduled to start Monday, September 13, 2021 and will continue throughout the week until completion.  Heavy rains can prevent this work from being performed, so all operations are weather permitting. Visitors to Cope Park during this operation are advised to use caution when coming and going, as heavy equipment will be moving in and out constantly during this work. Also please keep children clear of operations and pets on a leash.

For questions please contact Streets & Fleet Maintenance at 586-5256.

On-Going Projects

The goal of CBJ street brushing and clearing is to maintain safe sight distances, prevent drain blockage, clear right-of-way hazards to plow equipment and to prepare snow storage areas adjacent to the road surfaces.  Throughout the spring and summer crews continuously remove and thin brush, trees, and limbs from the roadsides, ditches and drainage.

If a tree has fallen in the road please call CBJ Streets at (907) 586-5256 or JPD’s non-emergency line 586-0600 for after hours.  If members of the public believe there is a tree that may pose a hazard to property or public safety please review CBJ’s Tree Policy which goes over the required procedures for removing trees on City Property.

CBJ Streets manufactures, purchases, installs and maintains all street control signs on all CBJ maintained roads.  However, there are certain signs that CBJ does not install or maintain.  These signs are maintained by the SOA Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT/PF), homeowners associations, subdivision owners and private individuals.

To assist CBJ we request that members of the public help us minimize waste of taxpayer funds by reporting any observed vandalism or theft.  To report damaged or missing Warning or Guide Signs please call us at (907) 586-5256 or use our online Report a Problem.

If a Regulatory Sign such as a STOP, DO NOT ENTER, DO NOT PASS, or ONE WAY is missing please call CBJ Streets at (907) 586-5256 or call JPD’s non-emergency line (907) 586-0600 to ensure a prompt response.

Recently Completed CIP Projects

This project will install a security fence with gate at the CPWF at 7 mile to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering the facility after hours. There is approximately $38,000 worth of fuel, $31,500 worth of culvert, $6,800 worth of basins and grates and millions of dollars worth of equipment at any given time stored in this yard. The location is very isolated and poorly lit, making it very attractive for someone looking to achieve thieve something. It also includes an electric remote power gate, as several CBJ vehicles are entering this lot after hours to refuel, mainly police and ambulances.

This street has a very poor base under it. It continues to heave and create pot holes. This project will excavate out the base material and be replaced with shot rock, capped with a D1 sub-base and asphalted. No utility work will be required as utilities are good under this street.

Upcoming CIP Projects