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Subject: Motor Vehicle Collision with Pedestrians on Backloop Road
Date: 2023-12-08
From: Lieutenant Krag Campbell
Case or Incident: #2023-12070017

On 12/07/2023, at about 8:00 a.m., the Juneau Police Department received a report of three pedestrians struck by a vehicle on Mendenhall Loop Road, adjacent to Mendenhall River School. JPD and CCFR responded to the crash to assist.

The preliminary investigation showed that a 19-year-old female pedestrian, along with two children, ages 7 and 3, ran into the roadway and was struck by a Ford F-150 pickup that was traveling East on Mendenhall Loop Road. The truck was occupied by a 40-year-old male driver, and two passengers, ages 12 and 11. The occupants of the truck were uninjured. All three pedestrians sustained injuries and were transported to the Bartlet Regional Hospital. All three pedestrians were in stable condition, but the 7-year-old was later transported out of Juneau due to their injuries.  No citations for the cause of the crash have been issued at this time.


Roadway Safety Reminders

We all see the roadway a little bit differently. With snow, rain, and darkness, as well as everyday distractions, the roadway can be a pretty dangerous place. A person's state of awareness, being mindful of their surroundings and their impacts on others around them, is going to be their best effort to be safe and help keep others safe while sharing the roadway.

Drivers, be committed to watch out for vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, children, road construction workers, and emergency responders;
- Use your eyes to actively search for roadway users
- Maintain safe speeds and slow down when approaching people in the roadway.
- Approach Intersections with a pedestrian in mind.
- Keep an eye on all crosswalks as you approach them.
- When approaching roundabouts, slow down and don't enter until it is safe to do so.
- Yield to pedestrians in the roadway.
- Give plenty of room when passing bicyclists.
- Try and minimize driving distractions, especially cell phones.
Pedestrians, cyclists, and other vulnerable roadway users;
-Pay attention and be aware of your surroundings.
-Minimize distractions, such as using phones or wearing headphones.
-Make sure you're wearing bright or reflective clothing for extra visibility, whenever necessary.
-Pedestrians should only cross at marked crosswalks and intersections, preferably in well-lit areas.
-Whenever possible, make eye contact with other road users.
-Make sure all vehicles have come to a complete stop before proceeding into the roadway. Don't assume drivers see you.
-Remember, you will always be the best advocate for keeping yourself safe.

All factual allegations contained in this release are based upon preliminary investigation and are subject to change or clarification as the investigation continues. Any charges reported in this release are merely accusations and all persons named in this release are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.