Subject: Assault
Date: 2022-03-01
From: Lieutenant Krag Campbell
Case or Incident: #220226-001

*** Updated 03/04/2022 ***

On 04/04/2022, a Juneau Grand Jury indicted 59-year-old Tommy Floyd Bowers on one count of Murder in the 2nd degree an unclassified felony offense and one count of Manslaughter, a class A felony offense. Bail was set at $50,000. Bowers is currently being held at the Lemon Creek Correctional Center.


On 02/25/2022, at about 10:23 p.m., JPD received a call from a residential facility in the 8700 block of Teal Street, requesting an ambulance for a 54-year-old male who was pushed out of a second story window.

JPD and CCFR responded to the facility and located the 54-year-old male who had sustained life threatening injuries from the fall. The 54-year-old male was taken to the hospital and later medevacked to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, Washington.

JPD investigated the cause of the incident and learned that 59-year-old Tommy Floyd Bowers was upset with the 54-year-old male because he was banging on the door to his room. There was a short verbal altercation between the two men in the hallway of the residential facility and then proceeded by Bowers pushing the 54-year-old male out of  an open window on the second floor. The 54-year-old male fell approximately thirteen feet to ground outside, sustaining a head injury. Both men were reported to be residents of the facility.

Following the investigation, Bowers was placed under arrest for assault in the 2nd degree at taken to the Lemon Creek Correctional Center.

On 03/01/2022, the 54-year-old male was pronounced deceased as a result of the injuries sustained in the fall. Next of kin has been notified. The 54-year-old male is identified as Earl Saunders McKinley.

This case is still under investigation and further criminal charges as pending against Bowers.

All factual allegations contained in this release are based upon preliminary investigation and are subject to change or clarification as the investigation continues. Any charges reported in this release are merely accusations and all persons named in this release are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.