Subject: Bomb Threat Hoaxes
Date: 2018-12-13
From: Lieutenant Krag Campbell
Case or Incident: #181213-005

Bomb Threat Hoaxes Across the United States

The Juneau Police Department has received several reports of businesses receiving bomb threats via email. These threats appear to be a hoax that have been going around the country today. If you receive such an email, please notify the Juneau Police Department, but there is no cause for alarm at this time. Below is one of the emails that was received.


Subject: No need to be heroic

There is the explosive device (Tetryl) in the building where your company is conducted. It was constructed according to my guide. It is compact and it is covered up very carefully, it is impossible to destroy the building structure by this bomb, but in case of its explosion you will get many victims.

My mercenary keeps the territory under the control. If he sees any suspicious behavior, panic or cops the device will be blown up.
I want to suggest you a transaction. 20'000 usd is the cost for your life. Pay it to me in Bitcoin and I assure that I have to withdraw my man and the bomb will not detonate. But do not try to cheat- my guarantee will become valid only after 3 confirms in blockchain network.

My payment details (btc address): 1DRXeydtqfjAmvfrLY7XiCo2A1vCq32z3a

You must solve problems with the transfer by the end of the workday, if the working day is over and people start leaving the building explosive will detonate.

This is just a business, if you don’t transfer me the bitcoin and a bomb detonates, other companies will transfer me more money, because it is not an isolated incident.

To stay anonimous I wont log into this email. I monitor my Bitcoin address every thirty-five min and if I see the bitcoins I will order my mercenary to get away.

If an explosion occurred and the authorities read this message- We are not the terrorist society and do not take responsibility for acts of terrorism in other places.


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All factual allegations contained in this release are based upon preliminary investigation and are subject to change or clarification as the investigation continues. Any charges reported in this release are merely accusations and all persons named in this release are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.