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Mendenhall River Emergency Bank Stabilization – Information for Property Owners

August 7, 2023 – News

The CBJ Community Development Department has authorized emergency bank stabilization on the Mendenhall River to address immediate threats to property and safety. Emergency bank stabilization is not authorized to reclaim land.

Property owners may proceed with the work immediately. As soon as possible and no later than one month from the start of work, property owners must apply for an after-the-fact grading permit and Floodplain Development Permit with documentation of the work and certification from an engineer licensed in the State of Alaska.

All forms are available online at the CDD Permit Center Applications page and may be submitted to [email protected]. For the grading permit, please submit the Grading Permit Checklist form. For the floodplain development permit, please submit the Development Permit Application and Floodplain Development Permit Application forms.

Additional permits may be required from the state and federal agencies listed below:

  • Alaska Department of Natural Resources. Issuing emergency permits if certain requirements are met. Contact Kaitlyn Raffier, Southeast Regional Manager, at (907) 465-3406 or [email protected]
  • Alaska Department of Fish and Game. A Fish Habitat permit may be required. Contact (907) 465-4105.
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Army Corps has informed CBJ that “home owners on the Mendenhall River that have incurred property damage due the glacier outburst that occurred over the weekend may proceed with stabilization of the river bank to stop further erosion under Nationwide Permit 3 – Maintenance without prior notification to [the Corps].” Contact (907) 753-2689.

For more information, contact Teri Camery, Senior Planner, CFM, Floodplain Manager at (907) 586-0753 extension 4129 or [email protected].

(Updated 4:10 p.m. 8/8/2023.)