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The Alaska Mail Services program connects Alaskans who live remotely with our library services.  This service is free and open to anyone who lives outside an area serviced by a state funded library.   If you become part of our program we will mail books, movies, audiobooks, and music to you anywhere in Alaska.  We can connect you with our online services, including research, training and educational tools, help sites, small engine repair, homework help, newspapers, magazines and more.   Your library card will give you access to the Alaska Digital Library, where you can download audiobooks and e-books from wherever you have internet access.

Mail Services patrons have access to all of the library materials from the libraries in Juneau. Simply change “All Collections” to “Juneau Area Libraries” before searching to get accurate search results. You may also browse the catalog for items at non-Juneau libraries, and we may be able to loan them to you depending on the owning library’s policies.  Items from the Anchorage Public Library are nearly always available.  You may make requests by email, phone, fax or mail.

Patrons may also browse through recent additions to the Mail Services collection.

  1. Check out period: Library materials are checked out for eight weeks unless otherwise marked. Some books, such as best sellers and interlibrary loan books, may be due sooner. Please check your packing list for the correct dates, and return them so they reach us by the due date.
  2. Media: You may request four DVDs, CDs, and audio books per shipment.
  3. Renewal: If you wish to renew an item notify us before it is due. Books can be renewed for a four-week period if no one else has requested them.
  4. Replacement costs: You are responsible for all library materials sent to you. We will charge replacement costs for lost or damaged books. Please treat books well and see that they stay dry and clean in use and in shipping. Return materials in our shipping bag.
  5. Walk-in service: You may use the Juneau Libraries when you are in town. Tell the librarians you are a mail service patron and they will look you up on the computer – no card needed! Remind them of your eight-week check-out period on most materials. Include your four-digit mail service number on all correspondence.

Please notify us immediately of any address changes. Thanks!

House on a lake.We live in a remote, unnamed bay on the northeast side of Prince of Wales Island. We are in our second year of starting an oyster farm. We are also permitted for little neck clams, scallops and also experimental suspension of geoducks. We have to travel 15 miles by open skiff to El Capitan where we dock the boat and transfer to our truck. We then have ten miles of logging road to travel before reaching Whale Pass where we get our mail. It is delivered once a week by plane – weather permitting. It’s always an adventure to get mail and we look forward to getting library books, magazines, and paperbacks.

We have an extensive video collection but both my husband and I are avid readers. I’m also an artist and Mail Services has been great about sending me books I have requested on various subjects – masks, collage, paper making, gardening, how to books and jewelry. Opening the book bags is like opening Christmas presents. We never know what’s going to be inside and we’re always thrilled especially when we get books by our favorite authors – Dana Stabenow, J. A. Jance, Tom Clancy, John Grisham, Sue Henry, and John Straley.

We appreciate all the time and effort the Mail Services staff puts into keeping us happy. With all the wildlife we see on our excursions to the post office I feel I should be writing books! I may have to request a book on creative writing! Thanks again.

Submitted by Cathy Klinkert

Years ago the book boxes were delivered by passing tugs or weekly mail boats to Port Protection, my old home. The books came in two wooden boxes we placed on top of each other like bookshelves in the store for the community. READING is the best past time IF YOU FIND TIME in the country! Receiving book boxes today is great because of the large selection.

My favorite books are:

  • CRADLE OF THE DEEP by Joan Lowell
  • HALIBUT SCHOONER by Ellsworth
  • BUSH RAT GOVERNOR by Jay Hammond
  • WINTER DANCE by Gary Paulsen

Wayne Short – Frank Caldwell – Monte Hawthorne. I like them all. It seems the books about Alaska – old days, old times, old people are the most interesting to me. THANKS FOR THE GOOD SERVICE.

Submitted by Marian Glenz, Meyers Chuck, AK

  • “As a very remote family that considers you OUR library, we consider your services indispensable. Thanks for years of support.” – Prince of Wales Island
  • “Thanks so much for keeping us in reading material, helping us with our special requests and keeping us in touch with the outside world.” – Yakutat
  • “I wanted to thank all of you for your help in finding research materials for my Academic Decathlon studying. Everything you sent helped greatly. As you probably can tell from the photo, I did well.” – Admiralty Island logging camp
  • “You guys keep me sane during the summer fishing season.”
  • “I partook in SE Mail Services one winter while working at Hidden Falls as a short-term seasonal employee, and knew that I would just have to contact you once I accepted my current full-time position. I look forward to reading some good books!” – remote hatchery
  • “Thank you so much for the loan of these books. Because of you we were able to create and have a most awesome and treasured wedding.” – Elfin Cove
  • “I have a new neighbor and I gave her the library information. I have so very much enjoyed your services over the years. Again, thank you.” – Port Alexander
  • “We’re in the wilderness with fish, bears, and books for entertainment. It’s like Christmas morning when the plane hands off the books.” – remote Fish & Game Station
  • “Once again, thank you for all your assistance above and beyond the call of duty! I don’t know what I’d do without you.” – Meyers Chuck
  • “We appreciate all the work you do to put us a box of books together.” – Elfin Cove
  • “Having access to the library has enriched remote living immeasurably.” – Baranof Island
  • “I really like the service you give me. Have enjoyed this service for many years, like 50.” – Meyers Chuck
  • “Your work enriches our lives so much.” – Elfin Cove
  • “I have saved hundreds of dollars in text books by using interlibrary loan. The library services have made it possible to for me to prepare for the next stage of my life while remaining at home.” – Port Alexander
  • “Thanks a lot. This mail service is the greatest!” – Yakutat
  • “Thanks for all your great, imaginative help with my research.” – Meyers Chuck
  • ‘Thank you so much for the imagination, research, and attention to detail you display in your work.” – Prince of Wales Island
  • “Thanks again for another great season of library.” – Elfin Cove
  • “As always, I am very grateful to you for all the wonderful help you have given me. Thanks again.” – Port Protection
  • “Hope your New Year will be wonderful. Thank you for making my life so great out here. Really means a lot to me.” – Port Alexander
  • “This is quite a list, but we’re in camp until the end of October. I’ll thank you in advance. It’s always like Christmas when our books come.” – Ford Arm Bay
  • “The magazines for me to keep were excellent. Thank you very much for all the thought you put into my requests.” – Meyers Chuck

Alaska Mail Services:
Juneau Public Library
292 Marine Way
Juneau, AK 99801

Phone:  907-586-5379
Fax:        907-586-5383

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Guidelines for Application

Please read through the following guidelines and fill out an application.  If you’re unsure whether you are eligible please contact us.  We’ll be happy to answer any questions.

The Alaska Mail Services program is available to those who live in communities that have no library or whose library does not receive funding from the state of Alaska.  This service may also be available to those who live remotely but have a mailing address in a community with a state funded library.

Online Application

This project is made possible by a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services to the Alaska State Library under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act.

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