CBJ Homeowner Accessory Apartment Incentive Grant Program

In February 2018 the CBJ Assembly appropriated $480,000 to the CBJ Accessory Apartment Incentive Grant Program. This incentive program will provide $6,000 in grant funding for homeowners that add an accessory apartment to their home. Funding is intended to meet one of the goals of the Housing Action Plan — to create new housing opportunities for the workforce, seniors, and families in the community.

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Press Release: In housing-strapped Juneau, CBJ grant program incentivizes new development

To learn more about the CBJ Accessory Apartment Grant Incentive Program, contact: Meredith Savage, Community Development Department, 907.586.0766

To learn more about CBJ Housing Programs or the Housing Action Plan, contact: Scott Ciambor, Chief Housing Officer, 907.586.0220

A Quick Guide and Flowchart for Accessory Apartments
CBJ Accessory Apartment Incentive Grant Frequently Asked Questions
CBJ Accessory Apartment Incentive Grant Application