Winter Snow Removal

82.1 Inches

Average annual snow fall in Juneau

31 Inches

Record Snowfall in a day in Juneau

3,000 Tons

The CBJ Streets Division uses about 3,000 tons of sand per year for slick roads and sidewalks

250+ Miles

The CBJ Streets crew is responsible for plowing more than 250 miles of road

Juneau’s Average Monthly Snowfall

October .8 inches

November 13.7 inches

December 15.2 inches

January 22.55 inches

February 14.8 inches

March 13.7 inches

April 2 inches

Snowfall data collected from National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (1991-2021 Averages)


Snow removal, sanding, and deicing is performed in the following order:

  1. Main Arteries

  2. Residential Streets

  3. Dead Ends and Cul-de-sacs


Mailboxes must be installed according to CBJ Standards #116 and #117. Report damages by May 1st.


Ensure obstructions are not placed in the CBJ Right Of Way (ROW). Items can pose hazards to snow removal operations.


To facilitate snow removal operations, obey “No Parking” signs. Please avoid parking on the street following a snow storm. Keeping the street clear of vehicles will make it easier to get the street plowed.


While operators do their best to avoid placing excess snow on property owner’s driveways, it is the property owner’s responsibility to move the ‘berm’ if necessary. Please do not place the snow back in the road.


Owners and/or occupants are responsible for removing snow/ice from adjacent sidewalks.

For more information about snow removal, please contact Streets & Fleet @ (907)586-5256  or

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