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Mendenhall River Community School Site & Playground Upgrades


Completion Date: 
August 09, 2021

Contractor: Admiralty Construction, Inc.

Contract Amount: $271,500

Project Manager: Lisa EaganLagerquist
Phone: 907-586-0800 ext. 4184
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Work generally includes mobilization/demobilization, erosion and sediment control, demolition and disposal, clearing and grubbing, unclassified excavation, utilizing or disposing of excavated material, excavation dewatering, placement and compaction of base, subbase and usable excavated material, salvaging and placing salvaged pea gravel, importing and placing new pea gravel, adjusting existing storm and sanitary sewer structures, connecting to existing storm sewer pipes and structures, installing new storm drain pipes and structures, cleaning existing storm drain structures, construction surveying, installing filter cloth, placing topsoil and seeding, installing underdrains, asphalt concrete pavement cutting and patching, installing playground equipment footings and OWNER-provided play equipment, installing “poured-in-place” fall protection surfacing, constructing concrete walks, miscellaneous grading, and site restoration to pre-construction conditions