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Bartlett Regional Hospital Campus Door Upgrades, 2021

Bid Due Date: 2021-12-21 white pixel, space holder

Pre-Bid Meeting: 2021-11-18

Type of Solicitation: Bid
Bid/RFP Number: BE22-171
Date Advertised: 2021-11-10
Construction Estimate: $500,000 to $700,000
Plan Holders List: Current List
Cost of Bid Documents: -----
Project Description:

This project includes replacement/repair of doors throughout the hospital campus that have failed a fire-rating inspection or for other functional reasons as determined by Bartlett Regional Hospital (BRH).


Low Bidder: Island Contractors, Inc.

Bid Opening/Proposal Date: 2021-12-21
Bid Amount: $821,500
Bid/RFP Result Summary: View Document
Award Date: 
Award Amount: 
Notice of Award: