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Contract Administration and Inspection Services for Aspen Avenue Pavement and Drainage Improvements

Proposal Due Date: blank 4/13/2017

Pre-Proposal Meeting:

Type of Solicitation: RFP
Bid/RFP Number: E17-242
Date Advertised: 
Construction Estimate: 
Plan Holders List: Current List
Cost of Bid Documents: -----
Project Description:

The City and Borough of Juneau (CBJ) is requesting proposals from qualified consultants to provide contract administration and inspection services for the Aspen Avenue Pavement & Drainage Improvements project being constructed under Contract No. BE17-165.


Successful Proposer: PDC Inc. Engineers

Bid Opening/Proposal Date: 4/13/2017
Bid Amount: 
Bid/RFP Result Summary: View Document
Award Date: 0000-00-00
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