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Design Services for Harris Street Reconstruction

Proposal Due Date: 2021-06-08 white pixel, space holder


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RFP E22-028
Date Advertised: 2021-05-18
Construction Estimate: N/A
Plan Holders List: Current List
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The City & Borough of Juneau is requested proposals from qualified consultants to provide design services for the Harris Street Reconstruction project.  The Consultant shall provide all necessary professional services, including, but not limited to, research, engineering, surveying and design services to prepare complete, bid-ready construction drawings, specifications, bid schedule and engineer’s estimate for construction, including outreach and coordination assistance with the neighborhood residents.  The site of the work is Harris Street from 4th Street to 7th Street in downtown Juneau, Alaska.


Low Bidder: None

Bid Opening/Proposal Date: 2021-06-08
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