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The Volunteer and Community Collaboration Task Force is accepting Volunteers, Donations and Requests for Assistance from individuals and businesses/organizations in the community. The Task Force is part of the Emergency Operations Center, a unified command between CBJ, Bartlett Regional Hospital, the state’s Division of Public Health, and other partners. To volunteer, donate or request assistance, fill out the applicable form below. The Task Force will connect volunteers with suitable assignments, arrange pick up of donated items, and do its best to connect those in need with support. Those without internet access can sign up to volunteer, donate, and request assistance by calling 500-0771.

I would like to volunteer
  • Individuals – Fill out the application to volunteer your help.
  • Businesses – Let us know how your business can help.
I would like to donate.
  • Individuals – Fill out the application to donate products.
  • Businesses – Let us know what your business can donate.
I need assistance.
  • Individuals – Fill out the application to request assistance.
  • Businesses – Let us know what assistance your business needs.
Request Assistance

CBJ COVID-19 Short-Term Rental Assistance Program (April – Dec. 31, 2020)

In response to the COVID-19 crisis and the economic impacts on Juneau households due to the loss of employment and the inability to cover rent, CBJ has created the COVID-19 Short-Term Rental Assistance Program. For more information and to apply, go here.

COVID-19 Housing Resources