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Notice of Decision Archive

Meeting DateCase NumberProject DescriptionMeeting Result
10-08-2013CSP2013 0023

Pioneer Ave., Phase III, replace embankment, uphill sidewalk and water main and services. Upgrade sanitary sewer system. New curb, gutter, asphalt paving and underground storm drain system. Remove downhill sidewalk.

10-08-2013CSP2013 0022

Meander Way, replace embankment, add 5' sidewalk, new curb and gutter on West side. New valley gutter on East side. Upgrade and reconfigure underground drainage system. New asphalt pavement.

09-24-2013USE2013 0029

A Conditional Use permit for 32 units at the corner of Cordova St. & Pioneer Ave.

09-24-2013AME2013 0006

A request for a zone change from D-10 to LC.

09-24-2013UNL2013 0001

Similar use determination under CBJ 49.20.320 that salvage yards are most similar to category 11.130, recycling operations.

09-24-2013SMF2013 0004

Final plat of Auke Bay Ride 6-lot subdivision.

09-24-2013SMF2013 0004 *REVISED*

Final plat of Auke Lake Ridge 6-lot subdivision.

09-10-2013USE2013 0030

Renovate vacant apartment building and convert to day care center and office spaces for Catholic Community Services Child Care Family Resources behavioral health program.

09-10-2013CSP2013 0021

Install cameras at four sites on Thane Road to monitor avalanche zone entrance and exit points and provide weather information. Project includes installation of bases and towers to mount cameras and associated weather instruments.

09-10-2013AME2013 0013

Rezone Lots 1-3 from D-5 to D-18 at 7 Mile Glacier Hwy.

Meeting DateCase NumberProject DescriptionMeeting Result