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The Planning Commission meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm in the Assembly Chambers at City Hall. You can find the schedule and the minutes and agendas in the section below.

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Regular Meeting - 2014-06-24
Supporting Documents
AAP2014 0005
A Conditional Use Permit for an accessory apartment on a lot not served by city sewer.
CSP2014 0011
Installation by DOT&PF of additional street light at the intersection of Back Loop Road and Montana Creek Road.
CSP2014 0013
A City Project and Land Action Review for two easements over City property to provide access to Hidden Valley Tract B in the upper Lemon Creek Valley.
USE2014 0009
A Conditional use permit for a 36 unit modular condo development on Bresee Street in the Mendenhall Valley.
Supporting Documents