Accessory Apartment Grant Program

In March 2018, the Assembly accepted the recommendation of the Affordable Housing Commission to appropriate $480,000 to the Accessory Apartment Incentive Grant Program, in $6,000 grants. This incentive grant program was developed as a way to leverage the financial capacity of Juneau homeowners, to produce more accessory apartment rental units, at a cost that would be a fraction of the public investment needed to develop traditional affordable housing. The Housing Action Plan, adopted by the Assembly in 2015, clearly indicates a need to create new housing opportunities for workforce, seniors, and young families in Juneau. Accessory apartment are currently providing Juneau residents a unique, affordable housing option, while simultaneously benefiting the homeowners in extra income.

A Quick Guide and Flowchart for Accessory Apartments
CBJ Accessory Apartment Incentive Grant Frequently Asked Questions
CBJ Accessory Apartment Incentive Grant Application