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Water Utility

Watershed Protection

As a result of the Surface Water Treatment Rule section of the Safe Drinking Water Act, pending regulations for wellhead protection programs, and the interests in commercial and mineral activities in the Gold and Salmon Creek watersheds, the CBJ hired a consultant to write the Watershed Control and Wellhead Protection Program, Gold Creek Source and the Watershed Control Program, Salmon Creek Source.

The Salmon Creek program was adopted on October 13, 1992 by the CBJ Assembly, the Gold Creek program was adopted on January 9, 1995. The additional ordinances recommended in the two programs to protect the watersheds were adopted by the Assembly on March 16, 1998.

To implement these programs will require specific steps as follows: ensuring zoning, animal control and other ordinances conform to the programs, propose amendments to the Coastal Zone Management Plan to ensure that it conforms to the watershed control programs, and request state and federal land use agencies to control activities and land uses to conform to the watershed control programs.

These plans will control the activities in the watersheds to ensure that the water sources are not adversely impacted in either water quality or water quantity. To date, there have not been any significant problems in either watershed. After the millions of dollars invested by the people of Juneau in their water system, the plans and ordinances provide a mechanism for the protection of this investment and the health of the public.

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