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Water Utility

Juneau's Water Use Study

To better manage and preserve our water resource, the City and Borough of Juneau is beginning a study that will examine how and where water is being used in Juneau. Knowing as much as we can about our water use helps us to better preserve our resource for future generations.

Being in Alaska it can be difficult to think about water preservation and management. After all, we do get over 110 inches of rain each year and have nearly 40% of the Nation’s water supply, but water preservation isn’t always just “conserving” water. Water preservation is also about knowing how much of an impact we have on the water supply. The water use study will investigate this impact and will help determine the better ways to manage our water.

To conduct the water study, a water meter will be installed at participating dwellings in order for us to begin gathering information on the amount of water being consumed at common dwellings in Juneau. No changes will be made to the participating resident’s water and sewer bill during this study, and there will be no charge for the meter or its installation. Once the meter is discretely installed, we should no longer need to inconvenience the participants during this study. At the end of the two year study, a report will be generated discussing water use in the City of Juneau and what factors impact the use.

If you would like to become a participant in the water use study contact the Public Works Water Utility at 780-6888

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