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The Challenge of Climate Change

Along with the rest of the world, Southeast Alaska is experiencing climate related changes.  Our region has already experienced about 3ºF increase in average winter temperatures over the past 60 years, with a decrease in annual snowfall at sea level from approximately 109 inches to 93 inches.  In coming decades Southeast Alaska communities can expect warmer and wetter conditions, warming ocean temperatures and ocean acidification with affects on fisheries, impacts on transportation and infrastructure, and the economic costs of responding to climate impacts likely increasing over time.  

 For Juneau residents and visitors, the rapid retreat of the Mendenhall Glacier is a powerful reminder.


 Of particular concern are impacts to Juneau's hydropower resources, and to salmon and other marine fish and wildlife that are important to our economy and recreation.


Juneau's Reponse to Climate Change

Juneau residents rely heavily on fossil fuels for transportation and heat – about 57% of our internal energy use is tied to highway transportation and buildings.

Over the past 5 years the City and Borough of Juneau has worked to assess the impacts and implications of climate change, and joined with other communities across the country in committing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  In 2011 it adopted the Juneau Climate Action Plan, with a goal of reducing emissions by 25% by 2032.  


What You Can Do

As a community, we can make changes that will contribute to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases in our homes, workplaces or our own businesses and do more to prepare for the coming changes to our environment. 

By taking action today, together we can reach our community wide goal of 25% percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2032.

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