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CBJ Electric Vehicle Charging Scenarios

The Juneau Commission on Sustainability (JCOS) has been asked to provide input on a proposed ordinance addressing Electric

Vehicle (EV) charging on CBJ property.  Currently there is no cost to the vehicle owner when charging at EV charging stations on

CBJ property (and at other publicly available charging location in borough).


JCOS is reviewing any proposed changes within the context of the 2018 Juneau Renewable Energy Strategy, 2011 Juneau

Climate Action and Implementation Plan, and a CBJ Assembly Resolution that is supportive of EV adoption in Juneau, all of which

are supportive of increased use of low emission or electric vehicles.  These documents can be found in the 'Relevant Background

Documents' below.


On Tuesday June 19, 2018 JCOS held a Sustainability Session to provide background information on the existing public charging

system in Juneau, an overview of the proposed ordinance, and some possible options the CBJ Assembly might consider instead.

The presentation and a background information sheet is provided below.


JCOS seeks input from the community on this topic.

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  • CLICK HERE to watch a video of Duff Mitchell, Chair of the Juneau Commission on Sustainability, making the

    presentation Juneau EV Charging 2020, at the June 19 sustainability session.

  • CLICK HERE to view the PowerPoint, Juneau EV Charging 2020, from the June 19 sustainability session.
  • CLICK HERE to read the JCOS background document on potential EV parking and charging scenarios.
  • CLICK HERE to read the draft ordinance.
  • CLICK HERE if you have questions or prefer to email your comments to Tim Felstead, CDD Planner.



Juneau Renewable Energy Strategy (JRES) - CBJ Resolution 2808, February 12, 2018, JRES provides information to

the community on the issues related to local energy supply and consumption, identifies scenarios for reducing reliance on

fossil fuels and recommends strategies for achieving these goals.

Juneau Climate Action & Implementation Plan (JCAIP) - CBJ Resolution 2593, November 14, 2011, JCAIP's objective

is to lower Juneau's greenhouse gas emissions by decreasing area wide consumption of energy in general and fossil fuels

in particular.

Resolution 2722 - A resolution adopted March 16, 2015, expressing support for the advancement of electrified

transportation vehicles and supporting infrastructure.

Press Release dated June 15, 2018 - About the public comment period regarding electric vehicle charging stations on city property.