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The Juneau Commission on Sustainability (JCOS) was created by the City & Borough of Juneau to research and advise the CBJ on community sustainability.

"The City & Borough of Juneau is committed to a sustainable future that meets today's needs

without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs." CBJ Resolution 2528


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 JCOS Featured Initiatives:

JCOS Proposal for Use of Marine Passenger Fees

In January, 2019, the Juneau Commission on Sustainability submitted a proposal to the CBJ Assembly in response to a request for proposals regarding the use of Juneau's Marine Passenger Fees in this appropriation cycle. JCOS recommended the fees be used to design and provide shore power for cruise ships. Click on the image, at right, to read the proposal and Dock Electrification Fact Sheet.

side of cruise ship at a dock

CBJ Electric Vehicle Charging Scenarios

The Juneau Commission on Sustainability has been asked to provide input on a proposed ordinance addressing Electric Vehicle charging on CBJ property. Click the logo, at right, to learn more and share your comments.

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Juneau Renewable Energy Strategy

The Juneau Commission on Sustainability presented the Juneau Renewable   Energy Strategy to the CBJ Assembly during the Fall of 2017, looking for the Assembly to adopt the Strategy by resolution. Click, at right, to read the strategy as well as public comments received.


The USDA Forest Service released an Alaska edition of their Biomass Handbook and Calculator that is applicable Alaska-wide. Click the logo, at right, to access the handbook.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

The CBJ recycling facility is located at 5436 Commercial Boulevard. Click on the logo, at right, to visit the Recycleworks website for information about accepted materials, hours of operation, and contact phone numbers.

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Ways to Contribute to a Sustainable Juneau

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