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Social Media

  • The Juneau Public Library endorses the use of carefully chosen social media tools as an important enhancement to communication, collaboration and information exchange between JPL staff, library users and the general public.  Social media use by libraries can provide streamlined, cost-effective marketing and outreach, as well as foster a sense of community between the library and its users. 


Juneau Public Libraries Social Media Sites


  • Facebook
    •  Like us and you'll receive regular updates in your news feed for library events, new resources, news and more.


  • GoodReads
    • A great forum for book and technology/social media discussion, reader's advisory and listopia! 


  • Twitter (#jpl_blogger)
    • Brief updates from JPL. Short, sweet, simple.  "I apologize for the length of my correspondence.  Given more time, it would have been shorter."--Mark Twain.