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Cover art for Visitation Street

Visitation Street

Written by Ivy Pochoda

Two girls, June and Val, best friends, decide one warm Brooklyn night to take a raft into the waters off the Brooklyn pier. Only one comes home.

This is the story of what happened, who bore the responsibility and how it affected everyone around them.

This is the story also of a Brooklyn that is transforming. A place of two separate communities that live side by side in an uneasy alliance. And then there is the third community moving in; a community of tourists, easy money and upscale hipsters. They aren't here yet but changes are coming.

Pochoda takes us into the girls' lives and thoughts, giving the reader a real sense of time and youth. And as the community is changing so are the neighborhood residents. Alliances are formed and enemies are made. But in easy time; this is a novel of soft atmospheres, warm breezes, dark nights, and dreams lost and found.

I loved the characters, including the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn. This is a second novel of a very talented writer. I can't wait to see what comes next!

Recommended by Suzi



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