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Cover art for The Last Policeman

The Last Policeman

Written by Ben Winters

What would you do if you knew that an asteroid was headed to Earth on a collision course? For Detective Hank Palace the answer is simple: solve what may or may not be a murder. Suicides have become so commonplace that most people don't even react and this includes the Detectives of Concord, NH.

When a body is found in the bathroom of a local McDonald's restaurant with a noose tied around its neck only Detective Palace questions the circumstances. After all, the world that exists now will vanish in several months. So who cares? He does, and with an unswerving sense of duty. After all, if this doesn't matter isn't the world already gone?

Winters captures his pre-apocalyptic world with amazing precision. Some people hide in fear, some people run chasing a time-limited future.

Believable characters, an interesting premise and an involving mystery make this a compelling read. Give it a chance and you will understand why Winters book won an Edgar for Best Paperback Original!

This is the first of a trilogy and the second is out - "Countdown City", now available at the JPL Downtown Branch. I suggest you read them in order as the second book is a true sequel, beginning where the Last Policemen leaves off.

Recommended by Suzi



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