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Cover art for Joyland


Written by Stephen King

I gave up reading Stephen King when he decided to write in the horror genre. Give a me a good ghost story anytime, but creepy is just, well... creepy. So with a trembling heart I approached Joyland. And what a wonderful surprise! This is Stephen at his non-horror best, a ghost story and a coming-of-age story. No-one can catch the tone of American vernacular the way King can; I LOVE his writing.

Joyland is the story of Devin Jones, a twenty-something college student in the throes of a first love. His girlfriend takes a summer job away from him, leaving him adrift; so Devin decides to work at Joyland, an old-time amusement park. It's the summer of 1973 and King transports us there.

Devin's life will never be the same, from his involvement with a dying child to the mystery of the ghost in the haunted ride, this is the summer that will change him forever.

Nostalgic, warm and involving - more a novella than a huge novel, this book reads like a memory of warm sun, star filled nights, and the excitement of being young.

Recommended by Suzi



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