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Amy Falls Down

Written by Jincy Willett

Author and writing teacher Amy Gallup, last seen in Jincy Willett's previous book, The Writing Class, is working in her garden when she slips and hits her head on a birdbath. Although no permanent physical harm is done, Amy is interviewed by her local newspaper soon after the accident, resulting in an overly frank, unintentionally entertaining profile that soon goes viral on the Internet, which results in Amy being thrust into the literary spotlight, although it has been years since she has published (or even written) a book. Amy is a delightfully frank character, and this book is full of her pithy opinions and observations about the business of the writing and publishing of books, and the fact that those businesses are often only tangentially related to each other.

I was torn between not wanting to put this book down, and not wanting it to end. It is humorous and smart, and although it is fiction, it has lots of serious things to say about the state (and future) of books.

You don't need to read The Writing Class first to enjoy Amy Falls Down, although I recommend it as well, along with Willett's other books: Jenny and the Jaws of Life and Winner of the National Book Award, all available at the Juneau Public Library.

Recommended by Catherine



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