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Hamish MacBeth

Written by Robert Carlyle

This is a charming television series from Scotland. It's a cross between Midsomer Murders and Monarch of the Glen but with more humor and less murder but always some mystery to solve!

Hamish Macbeth is the local police in the coastal town of Lochdubh (Lochdoo). Joined by his Westie dog Wee Jock, he keeps the peace among the townspeople. This is a small fishing town (reminds me of Juneau!) and the characters are indeed small town folk, each with their own quirks, both good and bad.

Hamish protects and understands his town, keeping the outside law at bay. He gets help from his good friend "TV" John who claims to have psychic abilities. Torn between his love interests Isobel, a reporter for the local paper, and Alexandra, an author who returns to Lochdubh for him, Hamish struggles to do the right thing by both women.

Funny and serious, this series will reel you in as you begin to care, as Hamish does, about the people of Lochdubh.

I love this series, the people are so very sweet and human - and of course, there is Wee Jock!!

Juneau Public Library also owns the 2nd and 3rd seasons of Hamish Macbeth! Please give it a try and you too will fall in love with Lochdubh!

Recommended by Suzi



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