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Cover art for Kraken: An Anatomy

Kraken: An Anatomy

Written by China Mieville

On display in London's Museum of Natural History is a giant squid. Prepared and shown by Billy Harrow, the squid is the star attraction in the Museum. Then one day the squid vanishes! This is not the London that we know today, but a city of magic and spells. Someone has stolen the squid and with its disappearance the City is set on a road of destruction. It is up to Billy to find the missing squid and stop the "burning of the City" that is on the horizon. He and his companions will face killers and traitors, but he will also find those who will help him. Some will die - these are treacherous streets, but travel with Billy can be amusing and is never dull.

This was a can't-put-it-down book... I loved it!

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Recommended by Suzi



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