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Vera Season Two

Written by Brenda Blethyn

Feisty, disheveled and living alone, DCI Stanhope, played by Brenda Blethyn, doesn't let go of a case. Picture Midsomer Murders, with more heart and grit. Vera struggles with her loneliness and isolation, creating a resonance between the murders she tries to solve and the pain of humanity around her. This series presents the characters as vulnerable and conflicted. No one is all good or all bad, and as the episodes delve into the crimes, we are shown all the facets of emotion that motivate us. These are not simple crimes, each episode is compelling and is presented with passion and clues.

This is the second season of Vera - the first season is also available from the Juneau Public Library. Both are wonderful and I highly recommend them. It is not necessary to watch the first season to enjoy the second.

If you like Midsomer Murders, Wallander, or any of the BBC Mystery Productions, I know you will love this series! Give it a try!

Recommended by Suzi



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