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Cover art for Feed


Written by Mira Grant

A Zombie Apocalypse novel goes something like this: the infected start to multiple slowly, with the mass media thinking itís a hoax until itís almost too late. A plague of zombies sweep across the world, overwhelming the military so that only isolated pockets of stalwart humans remain to scavenge in a post-industrial wasteland. This is not that book.

This book is the adventures of Georgia Mason, political blogger and investigative reporter, who is hot on the campaign trail of presidential-hopeful Senator Peter Ryman. As things begin to go wrong with Rymanís campaign, Georgia, her twin brother Shaun, and their best friend Buffy have the chance to make breaking news, assuming that they can stay alive long enough to do so. There are also zombies.

I love this book because Feed takes a deep look at the new social and political landscape of America twenty years after the zombie hordes started shuffling. Our characters have grown up in a world where the CDC is the most powerful political organization in the country and George Romero is the accidental savor of humanity. Mira Grantís world-building is phenomenal, the characters are complex and realistic, and the action is well written. However, the writing style of this book wonít appeal to everyone; it has a first person narration with professional blog posts, newspaper articles, and personal journal entries interspersed between chapters. And the ending? Well, all I will say is: You Are Not Prepared.

Feed is the first novel in a trilogy (the library has all three). It, along with the sequels Deadline and Blackout, have all been nominated for the Hugo Award.

Recommended by Andi



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